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About Royal Weddings Ottawa

Founded in 2014, Royal Weddings is a boutique service that provides personalized, timeless and professional officiant services tailored to share your unique love story with your beloved and those you love, on your special day.

Carol Willems-Martin, Founder of Royal Weddings Ottawa

Carol Willems-Martin has served in the Christian social service ministry for over 20 years. Her time has been spent helping to meet the humanitarian, physical, and spiritual needs of those she encountered in her daily service. When the opportunity presented itself for ordination, she responded and became an ordained clergy member of Celebrating Life Ministries in London, Ontario. As such, she is now licensed under the Government of Ontario to perform and officiate wedding ceremonies. 


Upon relocating to Ottawa, Ontario in 2014, Carol launched Royal Weddings Ottawa with the goal of serving others and helping couples experience unique, intimate, and treasured wedding ceremonies that they will cherish forever. 

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